Tuesday 7 December 2021

   Pisces Predator Pontoon Kickboats

Kickboats are an ideal way to fish for your favourite catch, such as bass and trout, in dams, rivers and estuaries. Kickboats give you the freedom to access those ideal fishing spots that you can only dream about whilst fishing from the river banks.

My name is Pem Reyneke and I am passionate about my fresh water fishing. Understanding the potential costs involved in getting equipped with the "necessities" one of which is the pontoon kickboat, I decided to make my own kickboat, and the Pisces Predator Pontoon Kickboat was born.

I have created a product that I myself make use of on a regular basis and I am able to supply other like-minded fishermen with the same product at a very affordable price.

The Pisces Predator Kickboats are built to last. They are light weight, sturdy and well constructed. They are easily assembled (please watch my demonstration video) and when disassembled they can easily fit in the boot of a small car.

To back up my claims I am happy to offer a 14 day money back guarantee - No questions asked!